Fogged Out

Fogged Out Signature Series

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Another line up from the folks at Fogged Out Vapes in Moncton, The Signature Series boasts four bold juices with tons of flavour that will keep coming back for more.

Bliss - This is a fruit cocktail like no other. With its light and creamy whipped cream base and fruit mash-up, it's sure to bring Bliss to any vaper. Apple, strawberry, mango and cantaloupe will for sure please your tastebuds.

Lust - Chunks of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with macadamia nuts and pecans, embedded in white chocolate and drizzled with maple. This has subtle hints of coconut and will leave you lusting for more!

Sinful - A perfect blend of grape soda and Mountain Dew. This has a perfectly balanced cola base and is so good it's Sinful!

Serenity - Rich and creamy vanilla gelato enveloped with smooth and silky limoncello. Serenity at its finest.