Canadian Cloud Cartel


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A huge collection of fantastic flavours from our friends at Japello's Vapor Co.!


Bodaciously Blue: Blueberry, melon and a cool blast!


Grappleade: Grape, apple, and lemonade


Sweet Leaf: Smoky butterscotch with a hint of tobacco (I love you Sweet Leaf, though I can’t hear you)


Corn Bread: Japellos cornbread is sure to satisfy all sorts of cravings!


Toonberry: Saskatoon berry crumble with ice cream a la mode.


Tropics: Escape into the tropics with this banana, pineapple coconut goodness


Scottish Pudding: A flavourful peanut butter Scottish pudding for any occasion


Rose of Thailand: Try this exotic mix of rose apple, lychee, and kiwi


Blue Velvet: A flavourful blue raspberry custard to satisfy your cravings


Jackman: A perfect blend of jackfruits with a mango twist! A terrific vape for all!


Georgia: A delicious and refreshing peach vape, perfect for any season


Ozark: A deep fried strawberry ice cream for your sweet tooth


Root Cellar: dive into a yummy root beer drink to quench your thirst