Salt Nix

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What is Salt Nix you ask? Salt Nix is different than you average everyday E-Liquid, coming in at 20 and 40MG strengths you may be overwhelmed, but don't be. Until now E-Liquids have been made using Freebase Nicotine. Salt Nix uses a Neutralized Nicotine. The process of neutralizing nicotine helps eliminate the harshness of high nicotine E-Liquids. Salt Nix is available in 4 difference flavours.

Northern Tobacco - A straight forward Blonde Canadian Tobacco flavour, easily an all day vape for those looking for a something simple and familiar.

Spring Mint - Most mint E-Liquids tend to favor the icy cool sensation of menthols, whereas Spring Mint is a brilliant mixture of sweet spearmint and bright peppermint.

French Vanilla - This incredibly silky vanilla custard vape boasts rich and luxurious flavour in its balanced mix of sweet vanilla and creamy French custard.

Neon Berries - A sugary sweet vape packed with a blend of wild berries. A sweet berry inhale with a sharp blue raspberry exhale. It features notes from over six different kinds of berries to create a flawlessly balanced mix of sweet and tart.